CHAMPi's Minimap Spam Protector (

CHAMPi's Minimap Spam Protector (

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What can the mod

- Allows disabling clicks on the minimap

- Allows you to turn off the click sound

- Allows the definition of a time window within which a certain number of clicks are allowed.

- Allows to define that the filter is inactive on a member of  your platoon

- Allows to display a spam report (to control the settings) directly to the chat or event window (read only for you) and / or in the log file of the game.

New: You can also use the new output window in the HUD. If activated all spam reports will be shown here. Press ALT for top-spammer rankings :)

- Allows you to turn off the default game type filter. Info: In some game modes, the mod disables itself. e.g. Clan battles, skirmishes, and other key game variations that you normally play with clan mates and friends, and where it can make sense and have a reason when your own colleague clicks on the minimap.

- Via a main switch, the mod is completely deactivated without the need to uninstall it directly.

The mod is released and runs stable.

Since many experienced players are gathered here I thought it would be a good opportunity to get any feedback directly from the community.

Feedback, suggestions and error messages are always welcome.

CHAMPi's Minimap Spam Protector (

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