Killerente94 damage panel (

Killerente94 damage panel (

Autor módu GambitER + Andre_V + Killerente94
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The panel damage with angles aiming for world of tanks 0.9.13 with different colors. Many do not see what is the meaning of such a fashion, but still rely on the our author that in this fashion is good, although I do not see what it was.




Legend of colors panel:


  • Green zone indicates the angle from -30 ° to +30 °. (Up to the Green Line).
  • If you stay in the green section, you have chosen the correct position.
  • The yellow zone is up to 45 °, in this position your side armor is vulnerable.
  • The red part is showing you that you made a very bad choice.


In the archive you will find only one version of the mod - Outer. The panel operates fix modules using the CTRL key and detailed log of the damage to the time for you to recharge strelnuvshego opponent.


Killerente94 damage panel (

Typ souboru: RAR

Velikost: 1,1 MB

Počet stažení: 30×

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