Wizard's Contour Icon Mod (

Wizard's Contour Icon Mod (

Autor módu Wizard_CZE_
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Instalace Složku nakopírujte do World_of_Tanks\res_mods\

 Mod for players using xvm.


 1) Copy the "res_mods" folder to:"...\World_of_Tanks"

 2) Rewrite all files.

 3) Set "mirroredvehicleicons: false" in your XVM config file.

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Hi. Because a lot of players wrote to me, I've decided to release an update 
for this patch Part of the update is an improved design.
- the frame doesn't contain the upper and lower parts
- font is sharper and more readable
- strips for autoloaders are removed
- national icons are improved
- premium strip is improved
- color correction

In case of problems, please contact me.
I hope you're happy. Enjoy

Wizard's Contour Icon Mod

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