Hangar Manager 'HangMan' (

Hangar Manager 'HangMan' (

Autor módu goofy67
Odkaz na oficiální fórum http://forum.worldof...ith-freecam/#topmost
Verze Version 2.29.2 for WoT


  • Creating your own hangar during a battle by saving the map and tank position
  • Possibility to make separate sound settings for each hangar
  • Change the hangar by:
    • selector-window or by pressing keys on keyboard 
    • random (on login and after battle)
    • depending on nation of selected vehicle
    • last known position on map of last battle  
  • Automatic reading of all installed hangars (with exclusion list)
  • settings-window for keyboard-settings
  • preview-images installabe (new since 2.2)
  • 'Screensaver'-Function



Hangar manager

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